Plastic Storage Drawers

There are limitless ways to use plastic storage drawers to organize everything in your home from tools to important papers. Multitudes of styles and varieties are available in many different sizes. You can find large single drawers on wheels, drawers that can be stacked, and even drawers that fit into plastic frames that hold them together. Most stores and online websites sell these drawers.

Plastic storage drawers are almost rectangular in shape. Many of them are clear plastic that enables you to see into them to readily view the contents of the box. Some are sold in a set with 20 or more tiny drawers that could store jewelry in the bedroom or nails in the garage. There are all sizes available, even those large enough to store large holiday decorations.

Plastic Storage DrawersThe durability of the drawers also varies, and you can buy inexpensive, thin plastic for something lightweight that you will store in it or in a very thick, durable plastic that can hold heavy items such as books.

Almost everyone wants to organize their clothing, accessories, and other items in every room in their home. Plastic storage drawers make this a real possibility. They can be placed on closet shelves or inside large walk-in closets. Out-of-season clothing can be kept clean and ready for the following year in these drawers.

Small drawers can hold extra office supplies, light bulbs, craft and sewing supplies, and art materials. Every household has items that need to be kept on hand but are seldom used. These things need their own special storage space, and plastic drawers can provide a safe place to keep them until they are needed again. These organizing wonders provide a place for everything that needs to be stored.

In a kitchen that does not have a pantry or much storage space, plastic drawers can be the answer. They have multiple uses in this room, and a set with three or four drawers could hold cooking items, spices, utensils, and even non-perishable food items. A smaller set with multiple smaller drawers could help arrange a pantry if you have one. Small packages, snack foods, and pantry items will be easy to spot when they are arranged in these drawers, especially if they are clear and easy to see through. A larger set of drawers can be used to keep potatoes from rolling around and boxes of cereal, flour, and anything that needed to be stored organized and easy to find.

Your garage is another area that has many uses for plastic storage drawers. Why not place your gardening hand tools in a drawer along with plant fertilizer, extra seeds, and other items? You can have your own gardening center in a corner of the garage with everything neatly arranged. If you need an additional drawer for potting soil or something else, it is very easy to buy another drawer of the same size to stack up. The drawers take up very little space, yet they store so many items. You can also use drawers to store power tools, nails, nuts and bolts, and many other necessities for the do-it-yourselfer.

If you are looking for plastic storage drawers in a set of multiple drawers, you may want to choose ones that look more like a finished piece of furniture. Some have black plastic finishes to the drawer fronts that make them blend in well with living room or family room furniture. They make a very useful spot to store games, toys, video equipment, DVDs, and many other items.

There is no need to hunt for anything any longer when you organize your home with these helpful drawers.