Where to Buy Plastic Storage Drawers

Every household needs a special place to store various items, and plastic storage drawers are the perfect solution to the what-to-do-with-this necessities that we all have. There are so many items that we need that we only use occasionally, and storage drawers make a great place to arrange these items. Scissors, tape, screw drivers, light bulbs, and an endless array of articles can have their special home with storage drawers.

Most discount retailers sell plastic storage drawers, such as Walmart and Target. They are also available at online websites including PlasticStorageDrawers.com where you’ll find the best selection at the lowest available prices. Most of these drawer units from other online retailers are also inexpensive, ranging in price from $15.00 to $50.00.

Where To Buy Plastic Storage DrawersWalmart carries a variety of drawers either stacked in towers or as single drawers that can be stacked or used by themselves. Many of the drawers are clear plastic with a choice of navy blue, white, or teal plastic frames. Sets are sold with narrow drawers for smaller items or wide drawers that are convenient for storing clothing and larger things.

This retailer also sells desktop organizer drawers that can keep pens, paper clips, tape, and other office supplies readily available yet stored away. One set has four mini-drawers in a small tower. Two small drawers can be clipped together to make two larger drawers instead of four mini ones. A bright red 27-drawer chest is also sold that could be used either in the home office or in the garage to hold small items. In addition, a CD/DVD singular storage drawer in light gray is available at Walmart.  It holds up to 150 DVDs and is very durable and will protect the CDs or DVDs that are stored inside.

Target’s selection of plastic storage drawers is very similar to that of Walmart with clear singular drawers that can be stacked and drawers that fit into plastic frames. Most of the drawers sold at this store are clear and the frames are almost all white. There are other more colorful choices sold at Target, such as a very brightly colored storage tower with multi-colored drawers made of plastic. For less than $20, you can buy a four-drawer tower with two deep drawers on the bottom and two shallow ones on the top. It is recommended for use in a closet, bedroom, or for craft supplies.

This store also sells specific craft organizing plastic storage drawers that are also economical to buy. One of them that is sold for under $40 has seven shallow drawers and can even have a second unit stacked on top of it. People who make scrapbooks and have various types of paper to store can place all of their craft items in these drawers to keep them safe.

Storage units consisting of several drawers are a great convenience, but there are some areas of the home that need only one drawer. Target sells a set of six singular drawers that can be stacked. You can use one or two drawers in one spot and spread them throughout the house wherever you need to store items.

Many websites specialize in plastic storage drawers or sell them along with other items. If you browse online, you will be amazed at the variety of drawers that are available.

Plastic storage drawers are lightweight and easy to move to any place in the house. Some drawers or units can be rolled from room to room thanks to the casters on the bottom of them. Maintenance is simple since only dusting is required with an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. Storage drawers are a modern convenience that every home should have.